We’ll confess to not knowing much about state Representative William Brawley of Mecklenburg County at the moment, other than that the bills he’s sponsored suggest he’s a fairly mainstream Republican. But his response to the Larry Pittman Lincolngate fiasco—Pittman, you’ll recall, wrote on Facebook that the Civil War was unconstitutional and Lincoln was a “tyrant” like Adolf Hitler—earned him points.

Take it away:

We could go on and on about why this meme is awesome.

—The fact that another Republican took a stand against Pittman’s comparison of Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler when House Speaker Tim Moore and the N.C. GOP have remained silent.

—The glasses Honest Abe is rocking.

—The use of “W/” when “WITH” would have fit just fine.

But it’s the hashtag we’re really digging. So come on, everyone. Let’s get #NCForLincoln trending, shall we?