After today, the fate of Dorothea Dix park will likely be out of your control.

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The second and final public hearing of Wake County’s delegation of general assembly members is scheduled for 4 pm today at the legislature.

The many advocacy organizations that favor Dix park are asking people to come to the hearing wearing green to show solidarity. Those who are interested will be able to sign up to speak.

More than 300 people showed up for the first public hearing two weeks ago. Speakers last time also railed against a bill that would redraw—for the second time in two years—Wake County Board of Education districts to favor conservatives.

A senate bill that would revoke the city’s lease on the park has already been voted on once and passed. However, that vote came after last Monday’s meeting and Wake County Republicans broke rank, voting against the bill.

Dix supporters created this silent video last week to invoke their argument that legislators should honor the lease that was agreed to between the City of Raleigh and the state last December.

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