With a wink to the comic books of old, yet with a postmodern, Generation-X sensibility, local pop artists have found an outlet for their doodling ways in Alternating Crimes Publishing’s Hell Car Comix. This is the hip publication’s second installment, although there are two other books floating around under the title Alternating Crimes. Features include a lengthy installation of the Onion Head Monster by artist Paul Friedrich, Hubie the Dead Cow and the adventures of kid detectives Danny and Chrissy drawn by Daniel Gallant and I (heart) Acne from the Smell of Steve, Inc. To celebrate its release, contributors Dale Flattum and Brian Walsby will be performing with their respective bands, Agent Nova and Daddy, at Kings this Wednesday, Feb. 16, at 10 p.m. It’s not a tease, either. With a $3 ticket, they’ll actually give you a copy free of charge at the party (not that the $1 cover price is gonna break the bank). Call A.C. Publishing for back issues or details on the flashy new installment, 834-5433.