The National Republic Senatorial Committee, the fundraising arm of the Senate Republican caucus, announced today that it was taking out some ads against Deborah Ross as she gets ever closer to Richard Burr in the polls.

There’s this dumb video ad, which takes a page out of the Kevin Griffin playbook by attacking Deborah Ross for working for the ACLU:

That ad pales in comparison, however, to this one.

Let’s talk about this.

First, the Ross geofilter, “which will be available to Snapchat users who are at or near the Democrats’ state convention,” looks like utter dogshit. Not only will no one use this, since it’ll only be available to people near the NCDP convention this weekend, it looks like it was drawn by someone whose only reference to human beings is clipart from the early 2000s.

The NRSC says they spent five figures on the TV ad; how much could it have possibly cost them to get something that looks marginally better? No wonder Donald Trump beat these people.

The funniest part about this, however, is that the guy that they used on this particular photo to show off the geofilter has already been used this cycle in a fake Hillary Clinton ad that became a minor national story literally two weeks ago.
From GQ:

Now, that’s just awful in a bunch of ways. The hashtag #ManEnough4Hillary is embarrassing. The idea that this ad would sway a sexist from not voting for Hillary is idiotic and naive. But perhaps the way that this ad is most awful is from the stock model’s other work as the face for Portland’s syphilis problem.

Here’s the Portland bus ad.

And now, instead of raising awareness about syphilis, my man’s pictures are being used to spread the infectious disease of an organization whose ranks include Tom Cotton. Can someone start a GoFundMe to help this guy buy back the rights to these pictures?