So far in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor, it’s former state Rep. Linda Coleman, favored candidate of the State Employees Association (SEANC), against Sen. Eric Mansfield, who’s backed by a number of legislators and some prominent progressives. (E.g., Barbara Goodmon, Dan Besse, Nina Szlosberg-Landis.) MansfieldPR3V1_copy.pdf

Coleman lives in Wake County, Mansfield in Cumberland County.

Hampton Dellinger, a Durham resident and the Indy’s endorsed candidate in 2008, was thinking about it. He issued a statement a brief time ago saying he won’t run. But Keith Crisco, the state’s Secretary of Commerce, may run. Various accounts quote him as giving it serious thought and planning to decide over the weekend.

Crisco is from western North Carolina (Randolph County) and is white. Coleman and Mansfield are black.

Filing deadline is next Wednesday. One of these Lt. Gov. candidates could wind up being the state’s top Democratic elected official when 2012 ends. Something to think about.