If you were making bets on which Republicans might be brave and principled enough to oppose Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, Gov. Pat McCrory would not be your Seabiscuit.

Today—just a few days after Trump said that an Indiana judge’s Mexican heritage made him unfit to rule in a fraud lawsuit against Trump University—McCrory got backed into a corner and admitted, with the reluctance of a genuine political coward, that he would support Trump in the general election. From the N&O:

Asked by a News & Observer reporter if he’ll support Trump – the presumptive Republican nominee – McCrory said “yes” and didn’t immediately elaborate further.

Asked why he thinks Trump is the best candidate, McCrory said “I’ve stated that I would support the Republican nominee. Anything else?”

Yes, actually, we do have a few other questions. They have to do with McCrory’s position on banning Muslims, building walls along the Mexican border, rounding up eleven million people and deporting them—things like that. Or, simply: What would Donald Trump have to say or do for McCrory to rescind his limp endorsement?

Let’s not forget that, to the extent Trump holds any real views on anything besides Trump, he is to the left of McCrory on HB 2.

Related: McCrory’s gubernatorial opponent, Roy Cooper, endorsed Hillary Clinton last night.