Members of the press received this not-too-subtle reminder from the pro-meals tax group, A Taste for Durham’s Future, that a) the group will kick off its well-heeled campaign to levy a 1 percent meals tax on Tuesday and b) the group’s name also contains the word “for.”

Why the all-caps conjunction preposition, you ask? Well, just one letter separates Taste FOR Durham from Taste OF Durham, the annual food festival that predates the meals-tax group (and, if you don’t use quotation marks, the first thing to show up on a Google search for “A Taste for Durham’s Future”). A lazy edit, and that conjunction preposition could throw the whole train off track. (The train, of course, being a sentence.)

Tuesday’s ceremony will be held at Hayti Heritage Center–one of the facilities that stands to benefit from the proposed tax–starting at 2:30, and will feature speeches from Mayor Bill Bell and Durham County Commissioner Ellen Reckhow. Be there OR be square.

Update Sep. 11 @ 9:15. I managed to properly identify one conjunction (or). The rest are prepositions–which kind of kills the joke. Me talk pretty one day.