Early Africans, brought as slaves to the Americas, used to tell their children the legend of the King Buzzard, an African chief who deceived his people and sold thousands of them into slavery. The story was a cautionary tale, meant to discourage greed and promote valuing one’s community. In an update of this account, emerging artist Malcolm Goff presents The Buzzard King, An Ancient Tale for the Modern Day, new works (pictured left) which incorporate both traditional and innovative painting and printmaking techniques in wood, linocut, serigraph (silk screen), stencil, fabric and sculptural elements. African and American symbols and artistic traditions, merge with social justice and cultural themes, at Raleigh’s The Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center. A reception with Goff–the artist in residence at SeeSaw Studio, cofounder of “The Art Institute” at West End Community Center, and tenured art teacher in Durham Public Schools–will be held on Sunday, Oct. 26 from 2-5 p.m. 4200 Lake Ridge Drive, Raleigh. 876-7187 for information.