First things first, pat y’allselves on the back. From the North Carolina State Board of Elections:
Very impressive! Moving on the meat of the matter:



The majority of Republican voters in North Carolina believe Donald J. Trump should be the next president of the United States. Trump also won in Florida (in doing so, knocking Marco Rubio out of the race), Illinois, and Missouri. Kasich won Ohio.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton essentially seized the nomination, with victories in North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and—by a hair—Missouri.

Here’s a visual of how Sanders and Clinton did in North Carolina counties. That little island in the middle is Orange County, home to lots of college students:
U.S. Senate

Democratic ticket: Deborah Ross got 62 percent of the vote to Chris Rey’s 16 percent.
Republican ticket: Richard Burr beat Greg Brannon, 62 to 25.



Democratic ticket: With 68 percent of the vote, Roy Cooper bested Ken Spaulding.
Republican ticket: Gov. Pat McCrory coasted through the primary with 81 percent of the vote.

Lieutenant Governor

Democratic ticket: Linda Coleman over Holly Jones, 51 to 28. Coleman will face incumbent Dan Forrest in November.

Attorney General

Democratic ticket: Josh Stein won a closer-than-expected race against Marcus Williams, 53 to 46.
Republican ticket: Buck Newton bested Jim O’Neill, 54 to 45.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Republican ticket: Steve Troxler over Andy Stevens, 68 to 31. Troxler, the incumbent, will face Democratic candidate Walter Smith in November.

Commissioner of Insurance

Republican ticket: Mike Causey is the victor, with 41 percent of the vote to Joe McLaughlin’s 33 percent and Ron Pierce’s 25 percent. Causey will face Democratic incumbent Wayne Goodwin in November.

Commissioner of Labor

Democratic ticket: Former Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker over Mazie Ferguson, 56 to 43. Meeker will face Republican incumbent Cherie Berry in November.

Secretary of State

Republican ticket: A surprise victory for Michael LaPaglia over A.J. Daoud, 61 to 38. LaPaglia will seek to unseat Democrat Elaine Marshall.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Democratic ticket: June Atkinson coasts to a win over Henry Pankey, 79 to 21.
Republican ticket: Mark Johnson (53 percent) over Rosemary Stein (32) and J. Wesley Sills (13).


Democratic ticket: Dan Blue III beat Ron Elmer, 58 to 41. Blue will face Republican Dale Folwell in November.


Durham County Board of Commissioners

Three incumbents—Wendy Jacobs, Ellen Reckhow, and Brenda Howerton—held onto their seats. Michael Page and Fred Foster, Jr. were bounced out off the commission and will be replaced by Heidi Carter and James Hill.

Here’s how the vote shook out:

Wendy Jacobs: 33,005 votes, 13.19 percent
Ellen Reckhow: 32,686 votes, 13.06 percent
Heidi Carter: 29,448 votes, 11.77 percent
Brenda Howerton: 26,729 votes, 10.68 percent
James Hill: 25,394 votes, 10.15 percent

Michael D. Page: 24,230 votes, 9.68 percent
Elaine C. Hyman: 23,509 votes, 9.39 percent
Fred Foster, Jr.: 20,867 votes, 8.34 percent
Glyndola Massenburg-Beasley: 19,491 votes, 7.79 percent
Tara L. Fikes: 14,893 votes, 5.95 percent

Durham County Register of Deeds

Sharon Davis over Wayland Burton, 90 to 10.

Durham School Board

It’s Steve Unruhe, Minnie Forte-Brown, and Xavier Cason.


Orange County Board of Commissioners

A good night for the incumbents: Penny Rich, Renee Price, and Mark Dorosin were all reelected. Mark Marcoplos won the at-large race, beating Matt Hughes 46 to 40.

District 1 results:

Penny Rich: 12,802 votes, 37.57 percent
Mark Dorosin: 10,216 votes, 29.98 percent
Jamezetta Bedford: 9,840 votes, 28.88 percent
Gary P. Kahn: 1,214 votes, 3.56 percent

District 2 results:

Renee Price: 6,245 votes, 60.68 percent
Bonnie Hauser: 4,047 votes, 39.32 percent

Orange County Board of Education

Stephen H. Halkiotis, Tony McKnight, and Matthew Roberts won uncontested. For the two-year unexpired term, Michael Hood beat John Hamilton, 51 to 36.


Wake County Board of Commissioners

District B, Republican ticket: John Adcock over Phil Matthews, 54 to 45.
District B, Democratic ticket: Vicky Scroggins Johnson over Lindy Brown, 55 to 44.


Chatham County Board of Commissioners

District 1: Karen Howard over Danny Jenkins, 80 to 20.
District 2: Mike Dasher over Mike Cross, 57 to 42.


N.C. House District 33

Democratic ticket: Rosa Gill won with 64 percent of the vote over Shirley Hicks (22) and Bernard Allen (12). Gill’s unopposed in November.

N.C. House District 36

Republican ticket: Nelson Dollar over Mark Villee, 55 to 44
Democratic ticket: Jennifer Ferrell over Woodie Cleary, 75 to 24.

N.C. Senate District 16

Democratic ticket: Jay Chaudhuri over Ellis Hankins, 63 to 36. Chaudhuri will face Eric Weaver in November.

8. The Connect N.C. Bond

It passed, with 65 percent of the vote.

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