A few bullet points as you begin your day:

1. There were some primaries out west yesterday. On the Republican side, Trump took Arizona and Cruz won Utah. On the Democratic side, Clinton took Arizona. Sanders won Utah and Idaho (Idaho Republicans caucused earlier this month; Cruz won there.) Number are here.

After yesterday’s attacks in Brussels, Ted Cruz said a weird/awful thing about how police should start patrolling Muslim neighborhoods.

Then, LOL, this morning Jeb Bush endorsed Ted Cruz.

Meanwhile, LOL, Trump is bullying Cruz and his wife:
Alright, enough of that poison. On to the terribleness closer to home.

2. Truly cowardly, evil shit from Tim Moore and the House Republicans. First they call a wasteful, idiotic special session about transgender bathrooms in Charlotte. Then they refuse to release the bill in advance of the special session, because they are cretins who are trying to hide what they do from the public and legislators who might oppose it.

Then the fucking bill leaks, and it turns out to be way worse than everybody thought. Not only do they intend to prevent cities from passing ordinances like Charlotte’s, they also intend to prevent local governments from governing themselves in several other meaningful ways. Most notably, this shit bill will prevent cities from passing livable wage ordinances (as Durham recently did) and from creating labor laws stricter than the state’s.

Wake County Commissioner John Burns:
And another:
Call your elected representatives, people.

3. Also, don’t speed!
Nine-miles-per-hour cushion? Not on N.C. roads! ABC11 reports that NCDOT is gonna start cracking the whip.

The governor’s highway safety program is ramping up what’s being called “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” speeding enforcement crackdown.

Law enforcement says beginning Thursday, they’ll target and ticket anyone driving above the posted speed limit.

4. Spellings tour continues. New UNC system president Margaret Spellings is visiting her new kingdom this week. Yesterday, she was in Chapel Hill, where she was doing some hip-hop freestyling? The N&O‘s lead:

Margaret Spellings chose carefully when the hip-hop artists at UNC-Chapel Hill asked her to utter a word into the microphone for a little musical experimentation: “Opportunity.”

Before a small crowd in a campus startup incubator Tuesday, her word was being mixed, manipulated and blasted to a rap beat. And then the new UNC president scratched out a rhythm on the turntable.

Spellings spent Tuesday with faculty, students and administrators at the flagship university in Chapel Hill – the latest campus tour in her statewide sprint to get to know the 17-campus system she has led since the beginning of March. On Wednesday she’ll meet UNC’s two Nobel Prize winners, and on Thursday, she’ll head to N.C. A&T State University in Greensboro. She’s already been to four other campuses, blogging and tweeting about what she is learning along the way.

Spellings also mentioned raising pay for staff and faculty.

5. Not much else cookin’ in local news. So we’ll push our own stuff from this week’s issue:

We combed through some reports and found procedural breakdowns leading to a 2013 death at the Durham County jail.

Does Kay Crowder have a point on bike share in Raleigh? Maybe.

Also, our inaugural DRINK issue. Lots to read.

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