Good morning! It’s a new day, which means more news and more opportunities to shake your head at current affairs.

1. The NCGOP once again eats its words after a leader tells county election boards to limit early voting to one site. Maybe local Republican leaders should have their email privileges taken away, because they can’t play nice with North Carolinian’s voting rights. The News & Observer has a good rundown of the latest antics:

In an email with the subject line “CRITICAL and CONFIDENTIAL,” NCGOP 1st Congressional District Chairman Garry Terry told county election board members that they “are expected to act within the law and in the best interest of the party.”

Terry argued that any early voting hours and sites beyond the legal minimum would give Democrats an advantage in November.

“We will never discourage anyone from voting but none of us have any obligation in any shape, form or fashion to do anything to help the Democrats win this election,” Terry wrote. “Left unchecked, they would have early voting sites at every large gathering place for Democrats.”

When y’all gonna learn that emails are public record?

2. Travelers are trying to sneak guns into RDU. As many of us know (or should know), you’re not allowed to bring guns onto airplanes. While the number of guns seized by TSA agents is in the double digits, this year there was what WTVD described as a “dramatic” increase in confiscations:

So far, 36 weapons have been seized in 2016. That’s almost a 90 percent rise since 2015 when 19 guns were seized from travelers.

One flyer tried to get a 9mm, along with eight rounds, through the security checkpoint. Another traveler had a semi-automatic pistol, along with 12 hollow point bullets, in his carry-on. Not only did some travelers try to get the guns past TSA agents, they tried to get loaded guns through security. Well, at least we know the TSA is doing its job for the most part.

3. Gov. Pat McCrory released a dumb campaign video. I mean, are we really surprised? No, but it’s cute that he’s trying. WRAL gives you a rundown of the ad’s content so you can avoid watching it (but if you want to watch it here it is):

“You know, when we were raising average teacher pay, creating new jobs and cutting taxes, other folks were actually pushing to make our schools allow boys to use the girls’ locker rooms and showers,” McCrory says in the ad, during which he addresses the camera directly. “Are we really talking about this? Does the desire to be politically correct outweigh our children’s privacy and safety? Not on my watch. Our kids and teachers are my priority. This is North Carolina. Let’s do what’s right.”

How long until Election Day?

4. It’s been four years since Faith Hedgepeth was murdered in her Chapel Hill. The Chapel Hill Police Department has not been able to make an arrest in her death even though, as The N&O notes, it has conducted a vast number of interviews and collected plenty of DNA.

Hedgepeth was killed in her Hawthorne at the View apartment on the Chapel Hill-Durham border. Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue and investigator Lt. Celisa Lehew noted in August the department has interviewed nearly 2,000 people and collected more than 100 DNA samples as part of the investigation.

The case is not cold, Blue said. It remains an active investigation.

“We know that one day, we will be able to bring closure to Faith’s family,” he said. “We’re very confident in this case. It’s not a question of if it’ll be solved. It’s when.”

5. More clown news. The Greensboro News & Record has an up-to-date listing of clown sightings in the state.

Wednesday’s sighting in High Point happened between 8 and 9 a.m. as the 17-year-old girl walked to school, said Capt. Mark Lane of the High Point Police Department.

According to the police report, the student spotted the clown walking through a wooded path between Zelma Avenue and Beaucrest Avenue. The area is about three-tenths of a mile from the high school

And that’s it for now. Stay safe out there folks, after all you never know when a clown could be spotted in Raleigh … Or wait, is that Pat?