Good morning, folks. Sure is rainy out there.

The good news is:

1.Parrotheads can relax. Rejoice, even. Despite the “stupid law” — HB2, of course — that could have prompted Jimmy Buffet to cancel upcoming shows in Raleigh and Charlotte, the Margaritaville man has announced in a blog post that the shows will go on.

From WRAL:

North Carolina was there for me as a performer in the early days and I have always felt a loyalty to fans there that goes deep,” said Buffett in a blog post on his website. “Rightly so, a lot of people are reacting to the stupid law. I happen to believe that the majority of our fans in North Carolina feel the way I do about the law.”

Meanwhile, rocker Bryan Adams (yes, that’s his official title — rocker) is looking to N.C. boycotter Bruce Springsteen for inspiration by skipping a show in Mississippi, as reported by Asbury Park Press:

Following the example of Bruce Springsteen, rocker Bryan Adams is cancelling a show in support of LGBT rights.

His Thursday, April 14 concert at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Mississippi is cancelled to protest passage of a recently enacted law in the state that OKs the refusal of service to gay couples by religious groups and some private businesses.

“I find it incomprehensible that LGBT citizens are being discriminated against in the state of Mississippi,” said Adams in a statement on his website. “I cannot in good conscience perform in a State where certain people are being denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation.”
2. Where’s the pouring rain when we really needed it?
Thanks, God.

Jorge Valencia at WUNC turned in an excellent report this morning about hundreds of conservative Christian McCrory supporters that turned out in Raleigh Monday to pray hard for HB 2 — and listen to some windbag political speeches.

The rally was the largest public show of support in the three weeks since the law was passed, and often veered on political campaign. In a speech, Republican state Sen. Buck Newton criticized Attorney General Roy Cooper, who has refused to defend the state in a federal lawsuit challenging the law.

PayPal, which last week canceled plans to open an office in Charlotte, and other businesses have criticized the law as part of an orchestrated effort by LGBT rights groups to attack the state, Newton told the crowd.

“They want corporations throughout this country to defame North Carolina,” Newton said. “They insist on forcing us to bow and kiss the ring of their political correctness theology.”

Newton, who ushered HB2 in the Senate, is the Republican nominee for attorney general. His Democratic counterpart, former state Sen. Josh Stein, has called for the law to be repealed.

Speaking of boobs:

3. Boob: Takes one to know one. Controversy over public breastfeeding is in the state news again. Last week, it was a “nurse-in” protest at the Durham Costco in support of a breastfeeding mom who said she was made to feel unwelcome by an employee.

This time, it’s a report from WSOC about a mom getting kicked out of court by a male judge who just wasn’t having it.

Stephanie Rhodus said just over five minutes into her court proceeding in Henderson County, judge Peter Knight commented on her breastfeeding.

The judge said he didn’t have a problem with the baby being there, but said nursing the child in the courtroom was inappropriate.

“Ma’am you need to cover up. For you not to realize that is absolutely ridiculous. Step outside, and cover up right now. Stand up and go,” Knight said.

Is it just me, or does “Peter Knight” sound like a great porn name?