And away we go.

1. Trump wins the Nevada caucus. That’s three states in a row for Trump. In his victory speech, Trump said: “We won the evangelicals,” he said. “We won with young. With won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

Sometimes, one spontaneous sentence can sum up an entire person’s life.

Rubio, it was reported this morning,
bested Ted Cruz by about 2,000 votes for second place.


2. North Carolina Dems endorse Hillary. From the AP:

Clinton’s campaign says 43 of the 61 Democratic legislators have endorsed her, including all current female Democratic members. Those backing Clinton include Sens. Josh Stein and Terry Van Duyn and Reps. Mickey Michaux and Susan Fisher.

Clinton leads Sanders in N.C. 47 percent to 37 percent in a recent Elon poll. The race is three weeks out.

3. Raleigh police union won’t boycott Beyonce after all. In Florida and Tennessee, police unions have threatened not to work security at Bey’s upcoming concerts because of her vaguely Black-Panther-themed Super Bowl halftime show performance. Yes, really. Raleigh was also considering this nonsense. The N&O reports:

Members of the Raleigh police union on Tuesday night voted unanimously not to boycott security work for Beyoncé’s concert at Carter-Finley Stadium in May, according to union spokesman Rick Armstrong.

Matthew Cooper, a Raleigh detective and president of the Raleigh Police Protective Association, said after the meeting that the union fielded input from “a wide spectrum of officers” on a possible boycott.

Although there are concerns over the perceived “anti-law enforcement images” Beyoncé used in her performance and in her most recent music video, Cooper said, union members took an oath to protect and serve all citizens regardless of their political beliefs.

The real story here is that the Raleigh police union considered a boycott at all. Props to the members for opposing this garbage unanimously, but come on.

4. There’s a tornado watch in the Triangle today. Plus other severe weather. From WRAL:

Two bands of severe storms bearing down on North Carolina Wednesday are threatening to produce tornadoes and large hail and prompted some schools to send students home early.

The strong storms moving up from the South will bring sustained winds of 20-25 mph, placing the eastern part of the state under a wind advisory–separate from the tornado threat–from 9am to midnight. The threat of tornadoes, though, is likely to cause a tornado watch later in the morning.

5. Duke Energy is now sponsoring the UNC School of Law Environmental Center. Yes, the same Duke Energy that is dumping coal ash all over North Carolina.

Have a very ashy Wednesday.