Happy Friday everyone. Let’s just dive right in.

1) N.C. Values Coalition goes too far.

If you thought the “Hillary Clinton killed my son” and the “Roy Cooper sides with the guy who raped me” ads were bad—if you hoped that kind of trash was as low as things would go during this election cycle—well, prepare for rock bottom. Frankly, if there is something below rock bottom, the N.C. Values Coalition—you know, the sponsor of the Franklin Graham Rally at which I was called a “fucking sodomite” and “Jew-boy”—has you covered. Here’s our story. And even though we would rather people not be subjected to this hate-filled filth, we firmly believe in knowing just how creepy the biggest creeps on the planet are. Knowledge is power … or something.

2) Federal jury acquits Bundy Gang in Malheur Wildlife Refuge takeover case.

Remember when those armed anti-government ranchers occupied a federal facility in Oregon in January and refused to leave? Well, apparently, they weren’t committing a crime. Yeah. We’ll go with that. From the Willamette Weekly:

The verdict is a stunning defeat for U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams, whose legal team was unable to prove that Bundy and his allies broke any laws by turning an Eastern Oregon bird refuge into an armed fortress.

3) Hillary and Michelle Obama make stop in Winston Salem.

In an effort to lock up North Carolina—and, perhaps, the election—the former Secretary of State and the nation’s first lady spoke to more than 10,000 people at Wake Forest University Thursday. From the N&O:

But it was Obama who seemed to have the star power and evoked the loudest ovation.
Without mentioning Trump by name, she described Clinton as the candidate who would build bridges, not walls, and who would be the best influence on children and future generations.
“As Hillary said, the stakes in this election could not be more clear,” Obama said. “This election is about something much bigger. This is about our children…. With every action we take, with every word we utter, we think about the millions of children watching us….. And why every day we try to be the kind of politicians that children deserve.”
Obama urged voters to choose somebody “who takes this job seriously and who has … the maturity to do the job, someone who’s steady.”

4) Plane carrying Mike Pence skids of New York runway; nobody is injured.

No comment … but here’s the story from CNN.

Ok. That’s it. Bye for now.