Up and at ’em! Wednesday’s cheat sheet:

1. Here’s the breakdown on yesterday’s presidential primaries:

*Bernie Sanders won Michigan, which is astounding, given that polls had him losing by twenty points. In terms of delegates—who actually determine the nominee—Sanders is still far behind Clinton, due in part to her massive victories in the South.

*Speaking of which: Clinton won Mississippi yesterday with 82 percent of the vote. Sanders will need to rack up twenty-point victories against Clinton in states like Florida and Ohio in order to start closing the delegate gap.

*Trump won Michigan and Mississippi. Cruz took Idaho. Strong tweet here on that:


2. Hillary will visit the Triangle on Thursday. Via ABC 11:

First, she’ll be at Hillside High School in Durham, according to her website. The event starts at 3:50 p.m. but doors open at 1:50 p.m.

After that she will be at Broughton High School in Raleigh. Doors open at 3:45 p.m. and the event starts at 5:45 p.m.

Will be interesting to see the level of enthusiasm at those events. Bill Clinton canceled an event in Kansas City yesterday because of “weather,” but probably it was because the room looked like this:

3. Duke protest. Students at Duke are calling for the resignation of executive vice president Tallman Trask, who is accused of hitting a parking attendant with his car and calling her a racial slur. From WRAL:

Protestors were calling for Trask’s resignation and demanding that he pay financial reparations to Underwood [the parking attendant].

“Right now we’re in that period of frustration and really angry and I think that has been the sense in the past week or so, but I think now it’s also time to kind of move forward and think about what’s the next step,” said student Felicia Arriaga

Students who gathered Tuesday evening also raised concerns about worker abuse within the parking and transportation department.

No response from Duke officials on the the protest (which included lots of “Take Out the Trask” signs) yet.

4. McCrory calls Charlotte ordinance “California-type regulation.” Instead of attending a dinner for homeless people he was said to be “hosting” on Tuesday night, Gov. Pat McCrory spoke at a Wake County GOP function. He used it as an opportunity to express skepticism about Democratic policies and to double down on his opposition to Charlotte’s transgender anti-discrimination measure. From the N&O:

McCrory wrapped up the speech by bringing up the controversy over transgender people using the restroom of their choice, spurred by the Charlotte City Council’s recent anti-discrimination ordinance. He said it was the kind of ordinance “we never would have dreamed about in the state of North Carolina — California-type regulations,” which would change the basic standards of decency and privacy.”

Spoken like a real Cruz.

5. The Economist thinks Durham is a big deal. The best magazine to read at the airport if you want to look smart called Durham one of America’s most successful cities. The story is paywalled, but you can glean some stuff about it here.

Best of luck on this fine Wednesday.