Happy Monday! This is what happened over the weekend.

1. Update: HB 2 is still bad.

Quick recap of where we’re at in regards to the five pages of dogshit known as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act.

Meanwhile, a Yale law professor gave the News & Observer quite a hot take.

“The Republicans have done them a favor,” said William Eskridge Jr., a Yale law school professor who teaches about gender, sexuality and the law. “It’s like some Republicans were on salary for the gay rights groups and ACLU.”

In other words, it’s a rousing success.

2. UNC’s men’s basketball team is going back to the national championship

UNC easily defeated Syracuse 83-66 in Saturday night’s Final Four matchup, and will face Villanova (who crushed Oklahoma 95-51 in the other Final Four game) tonight for the national championship. It’s UNC’s first title game appearance since 2009, when they won by beating Michigan State.

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