Prolific science fiction author and state Department of Transportation Secretary and fired Wake County schools superintendent Tony Tata is resigning from his position at the DOT, which he has held since January, 2013, according to Gov. Pat McCrory’s office.

Per a news release:

Raleigh, N.C. — Governor Pat McCrory announced today that Tony Tata has resigned as Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) to focus on personal and family matters in addition to pursuing his passion as an author.

“Tony Tata has been a valuable partner in our efforts to reform and modernize North Carolina’s transportation system,” Governor McCrory said. “His dedication to the people of North Carolina is in keeping with his long career of service to his community, state and country.”

N.C. DOT Chief Deputy Secretary Nick Tennyson will serve as acting DOT Secretary.

Recently Tata, a former brigadier general in the U.S. Army, has come under fire for being a frequent, outspoken Fox News guest known for lobbing criticism at the federal government, which supplies more than a quarter of the state DOT’s budget. And there’s been speculation that Tata, a Republican, will run for a Congressional seat.

Oh, that Tony Tata. What will he do next?