With reports of Texas recruiters poaching North Carolina teachers back in the news, and a budget from the Governor which gives a pay raise only to teachers starting out, Democrats in the General Assembly have been pushing for higher pay for all teachers.

On Wednesday, Sen. Joyce Waddell, D-Mecklenburg, filed S384 which would increase the salaries of experienced public school teachers by adding to their pay for each year they’ve been in the profession. The pay increase would apply for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and the money would come from a $20 million appropriation to the Department of Public Instruction from the state’s General Fund.

“North Carolina has long been a leader in public education, and in order to keep our state competitive in the growing global economy, we must be able to attract and retain not only the best jobs and workers, but the best teachers,” Waddell said in a statement.

“This plan extends the teacher pay scale an additional six years beyond the current pay scale, encouraging our most experienced teachers to stay here in North Carolina rather than moving to nearby states to retire. This bill gives our most veteran teachers the support they deserve and shoes that North Carolina values dedication and experience in our education system.”