N.C. Senator Richard Burr (R) can skip as many Trump rallies in his state as he likes, but the pro-abortion rights organization NARAL won’t let voters forget his endorsement for Donald Trump in the presidential race. In an ad campaign launched online Thursday, Burr’s head is photoshopped onto actor Asio Highsmith’s body, from the iconic “orange mocha cappucccino” scene in the movie “Zoolander.”

He’s joined in the jeep by some other not-incredibly-good-looking Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate leader Mitch McConnell, and, of course, Trump behind the wheel.

NARAL had named Burr as a member of the “Trump Squad” in an ad campaign tagged #TrumpSquadGoals that includes nine Republican senators.

According to Politico, “each of the advertisements … will appear on Facebook and Twitter in the lawmakers’ home states.”

“These candidates may be able to run from Cleveland but they can’t hide from their record,” NARAL senior vice president of campaign and strategy Sasha Bruce said in a statement announcing the campaign’s launch. “Just like Trump, these candidates want to punish women by banning abortion, reducing access to health services and rolling back decades’ worth of progress.”

Hmmm… we never noticed this before, but Ben Stiller’s hands are so small.