That’s right. David Parker wasn’t going to run again for state Democratic Party chair the last time he got himself re-elected Democratic Party chair. But that was then, and this time, he really, really means it:

Friends, North Carolinians, and Fellow Democrats,

I will not seek re-election as Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party at our February 2, 2013 meeting in Durham.

I have enjoyed my two years of service to our State and to the Democratic Party. There is much work to be done on the vital issues of good government, public education and job creation in North Carolina and I look forward to continuing to work to better our State in the years to come.

Lots of chatter on the media vines about Eric Mansfield, the Fayetteville Democrat who ran for Lieutenant Governor and lost in the primary —despite a strong endorsement from us at the Indy, as I recall. He won’t be a state senator much longer. He’s got a terrific resume and is great on his feet, I can attest to that much.