Representative Darren Jackson, D-Wake, a leading voice in the legislature against HB 2 who is introducing his own bill to repeal it, posted a “pledge” last night that was sent to him by the North Carolina Family Policy Council, the NC Values Coalition, and the Christian Action League, three religious right organizations who wield heavy influence over North Carolina Republicans. The Family Policy Council, for example, is this state’s branch of the radically anti-LGBT Family Research Council, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as an extremist group, and NC Values’ Tami Fitzgerald is the mother-in-law of Sen. Chad Barefoot (R-Wake). Fun stuff.

The last line of the pledge is especially telling: “That I will not vote for any bill that would add the terms ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity,’ or ‘gender expression’ to HB 2 or any other statute or state policy.”

Jackson went on a tweetstorm directed at both the religious right and McCrory. The “Wallace” he refers to is George Wallace, Alabama’s segregationist governor who spent nearly his entire political life fighting against civil rights.

Of course, Jackson isn’t who the FPC pledge is directed at; it’s directed at the “moderate” (heavy air quotes) Republicans in the General Assembly who care less about social issues then economic ones and could be swayed into voting for a repeal of HB 2 if they think it’ll ding the state’s economy or cost them their seats in November.