One of the four as of yet unnamed NCSU students who took to the campus Free Expression Tunnel to unload some post-election racist bile frustration issued a written apology this week.

“The statements written in the Tunnel were written with political intentions in mind,” he said in a released statement.

I’m having a bit of trouble buying his implication that what began as an attempt to express some benign apprehension about the election of Obama the candidate suddenly devolved, whereupon Obama the man was referred to as a nigger, and his getting Lincolned was glibly advocated for. But, let’s let the young man finish:

I am aware that racial differences were brought into play by my words, but I want to ensure the university that no physical harm was intended. My intentions were simply to express my views on the outcome of the election, but went too far.

I am very sorry for my actions and for the anger and fear brought to NC State. I am also ashamed of the bad light spread on this prestigious university. In addition to my apology, I want to assure the campus that there is no threat to anyone’s safety.

So, godspeed to you unnamed NCSU coed. Most of your takeaway seems to address the fallout of your actions rather than the actions themselves. You and the other three students involved are getting no pity from the student body. And the NAACP is still calling for your expulsion. But, hopefully, you will walk away from this a bit wiser, if not less of an asshole.

Read the full statement here.