From the Department of Serendipity:

Sea levels along the Atlantic Coast from Cape Hatteras to Boston are rising faster than anywhere else in the world, according to a report in the journal Nature Climate Change.

“We present evidence of recently accelerated sea level rise along a unique, 1,000-kilometer hotspot on the highly populated North American Atlantic Coast north of Cape Hatteras … ” the report reads.

“Sea level rise, plus storm surge and other factors will increase the vulnerability of coastal cities to flooding, and beaches and wetlands to deterioration,” it continues.

Not that this news will faze NC-20, a group of development interests and county managers from the coast, who lobbied for a bill that would restrict the way the state can measure the ocean’s rise. The Indy recently reported on NC-20’s ties to climate change deniers.

The Republican-led Senate passed the bill, but it failed in the House; it has since gone to a conference committee.