Chapel Hill hip-hop label Soul Dojo just released Enemy of the State, the second full-length collection by Kaze. This “mix tape” CD is both a selection of outstanding regional hip-hop artists making the rounds in the Southeast, and a reflection of Kaze’s own confessional, soulful and lyrical work. Kaze also developed the hip-hop television show Hip-Hop Nation, which was nationally syndicated and became a template for similar regional hip-hop showcases. He also co-founded the weekly hip-hop showcase nights at Local 506, “Microphone Mondays.”

Enemy of the State, which follows last year’s debut solo effort Spirit of ’94, includes appearances by DJ Forge, MCs Jozeemo and K-Hill, L.E.G.A.C.Y., along with Little Brother’s own 9th Wonder and Queensbridge, N.Y., hip-hop notable Nature. The first single from Enemy of the State, to be released as a 12-inch record, is Kaze’s “On,” produced by K-Hill. There are two cuts on the flip– “Move Over” has Kaze rhyming with MC Nature, and “Soul Dojo” features production by busy bee 9th Wonder. This release is a great way to sample the work of local hip-hoppers around the Triangle today. For more information, visit .

Arrival of the Ghost
After some compilation appearances and a seven-inch record, Chapel Hill’s The Ghost of Rock finally have a full-length CD under their beer-slinging belts. Loaded with a full clip of fifteen tracks, it was recorded with Jerry Kee at his Duck-Kee Studios, as well as with Jason Ross, and mastered at The Kitchen by Brent Lambert. With Ron Liberti on vocals, Clif Mann on guitar, drummer Rock Forbes, and bass duties split between Lee Waters and Jeff Clarke, the record covers a lengthy period of the band’s work. Those familiar with The Ghost will find some of these songs as regulars in their live repertoire, but this is the first time they’re all collected on CD. The self-titled release is due on Demonbeach Records on June 30. The Ghost of Rock play at Local 506 with Evil Wiener on Tuesday, June 29. For more info, visit the Demonbeach Records site at

Dr. Demento vs. The Torch
The Triangle’s own be-caped blue-tinted marvel, The Torch Marauder, recently won the favor of that champion of the strange and novel in music, Dr. Demento. The Torch song “Sympathy for the Television” was aired on Dr. Demento’s nationally syndicated radio show at the end of May. There are now archives of the Web cast available. Check out to find out how you can listen in on the fun. The Torch Marauder’s most recent release, Boxers, Painters and Snappers, featuring a band of Triangle standouts, is now available on Durham’s Pox World Empire label. For you cosmopolitan types, The Torch will be traveling to Asterisk Art Space, in Brooklyn, N.Y., for a performance on Thursday, July 8.

Razzle dazzle
In related news, Pox World Empire is working with Durham/Chapel Hill guitar-rockers Razzle on a CD. Razzle contains Dave Bjorkback (The Torch Marauder), along with Dave Cantwell and Bob Wall. As yet untitled, the release may be their final document, as the band’s CD release party is also being billed as a farewell show on July 30 at Go! Room 4 in Carrboro. EndBlock