Unfortunate news over at The McClatchy Company, the Sacramento-based parent company of The News & Observer and several other daily publications across the country.

McClatchy has signed an agreement with global technology provider Wipro to help improve its technology capabilities and speed up its digital transformation according to Chris Hendricks, McClatchy’s vice president of products, marketing and innovation.

The co-sourcing agreement means realigning McClatchy’s corporate technology resources across the company, and “duplicative jobs and resources are being reduced,” Hendricks wrote in an email to the INDY.

Hendricks said all McClatchy markets were affected by the move, but the company is not releasing details of activities by market, or in total.

“McClatchy is a leader in local media publishing and has enlisted Wipro to help accelerate its digital publishing revenue and journalism initiatives even more,” Hendricks wrote. “The co-sourcing agreement is key to this as it allows for demand-based development and much more flexibility in resourcing initiatives adequately.”

“To be clear, these changes affect corporate technology, not News & Observer resources,” Hendricks added.