The troubles within the State Highway Patrol have almost become cliché: troopers having sex in their patrol cars, , troopers allegedly roughing up their patrol dogs, troopers drinking and driving.

Yet another trooper has been charged with DWI, according to a press release issued by the State Highway Patrol: Trooper John C. Fogg, 40, allegedly had a blood alcohol content of .17–twice the legal limit–when he collided with another car on the Durham Freeway yesterday afternoon. Fogg was off-duty; Durham Police responded to the call.

Fogg became a trooper in August 2007 and was assigned to Wilson County.

Colonel Walter J. Wilson, Jr., ordered an internal investigation and ordered Fogg relieved of his duties as a state Trooper pending the outcome of the investigation.

According to 2008 WRAL story, an outside consultant reviewed the State Highway Patrol and concluded “the first-line supervision of troopers is at a “sub-optimal level.”