Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is set to give the biggest speech of his life tonight at the Democratic National Convention, and North Carolina Democrats rolled out a series of endorsements for Kaine from some of the party’s best-known names in the state.

Former governor Jim Hunt said Kaine “is the best candidate Hillary Clinton could have possibly chosen for Vice President,” while Attorney General and gubernatorial nominee Roy Cooper said “the people of North Carolina will profit from the values Tim Kaine believes in.”

Former Senator Kay Hagan, who served with Kaine on the Senate Armed Services Committee from 2013-2015, said Kaine”is the embodiment of public service – one of the most sincere, smart and hardworking people I’ve had the privilege to work with.”

Yesterday, Senate candidate Deborah Ross sent out this tweet about Kaine:

Other prominent Democrats speaking in support of Kaine include Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Congressman David Price, and Congresswoman Alma Adams, as well as party chair Patsy Keever and former state treasurer Richard Moore.

Kaine was widely seen as a “safe pick” by Democrats. A former governor of Virginia, mayor of Richmond, and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Kaine has been consistently pro-gun control, morally opposes the death penalty, and has consistently supported LGBT issues over the past few years. This isn’t the first time he’s been considered for VP, either; Kaine was mentioned repeatedly as a potential vice presidential nominee for Barack Obama in 2008

Some progressives haven’t been so happy with Clinton’s choice, however. While he was the governor of Virginia from 2005-2009, Kaine (who says he’s “personally” pro-life) signed a law creating a “Choose Life” license plate, which funneled money into crisis pregnancy centers; Planned Parenthood and NARAL applauded Kaine, however, with PP president Cecile Richards pointing to his “100%” rating in the Senate. Kaine has also pushed for some bank deregulation, and, despite his moral opposition to the death penalty, eleven executions were carried out while he was the governor.

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders did get one concession, though: Kaine revoked his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement on Sunday, a sticking point for progressives in their criticisms of Kaine.

Kaine will get a chance to speak for himself tonight at the convention: he’s slotted to go on at 10 PM, shortly before President Obama.

In addition, there are three speakers from North Carolina speaking today: Butterfield, who said Kaine is “a proven leader, a dedicated public servant, and a genuinely good man,” and a Raleigh couple, Jesse Lipson and Brooks Bell, who both work in the tech industry.