Among Republican voters, Donald Trump—still!—leads in the polls in North Carolina.

But here is some news North Carolinians can be proud of: the state is the fifth most unlike the Donald, according to a study from real estate company Estately, which looked at seven Trump-esque metrics:

1. Percentage of residents married three times or more (source: 2012 U.S. census)

2. Businesses offering spray tans per capita (source:

3. Percentage of people who brag on social media (source:

4. Billionaires per capita (source: Forbes)

5. Total amount of campaign contributions to Donald Trump per capita (source: Federal Election Commission)

6. Bankruptcies per capita for 2009-2014 (source: American Bankruptcy Institute)

7. Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in “Donald Trump for President” (source: Facebook)

Estately then averaged the rankings to see which states were most like Donald Trump, and here are the results:

Surprisingly, donors in Hawaii have given the most money to Trump’s campaign, yet the state is 47th most unlike Trump. And who knew there was such high demand for spray tans in West Virginia and Iowa? Probably no one is surprised that uber-conservative states Arkansas, Oklahoma and Idaho have the most residents who have been married three times or more. And Vermont, home of democratic socialist presidential candidate, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, is the state most unlike Trump. That sounds about right.

Good job, North Carolina, for being 40th in amount of campaign contributions to Trump and 41st in number of bankruptcies per capita. You’ve always been fiscally responsible. But you’re 13th highest in percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in “Donald Trump for President.” The polls may bear that out, but it’s about as good of a look as a spray tan gone wrong.