Cheap shot? You decide.

Republican congressional candidate Carolyn Grant, in a press release claiming victory after a recount of GOP primary ballots, went right after her Democratic opponent Brad Miller. Liberal, liberal, liberal, she said, promising to offer “a stark contrast” to Miller’s “liberal ideas,” which are the “liberal ideas espoused by the national Democratic party”–not surprisingly held by Miller, “long considered one of the most liberal politicians in the state Senate.” The usual stuff.

But Grant’s “sharp contrast” didn’t stop there. She started a business, she said, And raised a family, unlike Miller, “who has lived his life as a trial lawyer and politician. … He hasn’t raised a family in this community,” Grant added for emphasis.

What was Grant implying? Before you answer that, be aware that Miller’s been married to his wife, Esther Hall, for 20 years. They have no children because–they feel they must say–Hall was forced to have a hysterectomy prior to their marriage. “Carolyn’s making it sound like it’s some lifestyle choice they made because they didn’t want kids,” Miller’s campaign spokesman, Joe Bonfiglio, says. “It’s a pretty ugly attack.”

For the record, Grant was divorced, raised one son and has remarried.