Occupy Raleigh occupies Moore Square

First things first: Mark your calendars for this Saturday, October 15 from 11 am-3 pm. That’s when #Occupy Raleigh will be occupying the State Capitol grounds for purposes of — well, that’s a long story.

The short version is, #OccupyRaleigh (like #OccupyDurham and #OccupyChapel Hill/Carrboro) is an off-shoot of #OccupyWallStreet, and if you don’t know what #OccupyWallStreet is: a) Blame the mainstream media for its/their abject failure to cover it; and b) Nobody knows how important it is yet, but #OWS may be the spark that finally lights this benighted country’s candle.

In other words, it’s a movement, and only later will you know whether it was The Movement. But if it was, do you wanna miss it?

For an introduction to #OccupyWallStreet, you can visit the OWS website. Or, check out DailyKos, which is all over it with a variety of diaries, including those of the suddenly famous — and rightly so — Jesse LaGreca, whose twitter handle is @JesseLaGreca. He’s the man who schooled George Will yesterday on ABC’s “This Week” program by noting, among other things, that he, Jesse, was the only working-class person on “This Week” — as he said, since maybe ever?

Suddenly the MSM is pushing the #OWS folks to publish an agenda, or a list of demands, or something to simplify why they’re occupying Liberty Park in the Wall Street district of NYC. LaGreca’s answer: We’re the 99% of Americans who are pissed off that the richest 1% have stolen the country (and outsourced it to Goldman Sachs, China and other high bidders). So, LaGreca says, we’re listening …. and it’s up to our nation’s alleged leaders to explain themselves to us.

What do they propose?

Update 2: Do see this.

Update: Here’s something they should be talking about — in 4:25: