Raleigh’s Bleeding Hearts, a quartet who just started playing together last spring, work out the kinks of the classic rock canon, brandishing their ’70s influences like the ever-present cow bell in hand. A convergence of veteran Raleigh experience with N.Y. refugees from 10 years past, the Hearts have one member formerly of rootsy rockers Big Dixie. They’ve just signed on with Charlotte label MoRisen Records this month, so look for a full length down the road. Pittsburgh trio Modey Lemon (pictured below) succeed in breaking the urgent oomph of bad vibe music down to its raw sinews, then taking it to the ‘nth degree with a damaged Moog tweaking their sound even more–freaking brilliant. Valient Thorr hail from Greenville, N.C., but would have you believe they’re from Venus. That’s where the joking stops, though, as their show is equal parts wild frontman and good ‘ol rock tunes. Their shirts with only the words “Rock n’ Roll” emblazoned on front give it all away, anyway. 10 p.m. For more information, contact Kings at 831-1005.