Kay Daly—CPAC Ronald Reagan Award winner Kay Daly, leading candidate for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s newly-created 13th district Kay Daly—is “humbled” and “honored” to “enjoy support from so many heroes of the conservative movement,” a “who’s who of national conservative leaders” that “has rallied behind the candidacy of Kay Daly.” Including:

-Sean Hannity
Dr. James Dobson
-Three CPAC Ronald Reagan Award winners: herself, radio talk show host Mark Levin and Citizens United president David Bossie
-Ronald Reagan’s PAC (founded in 1977)
-Reagan biographer Craig Shirley
-Former attorney general Ed Meese
-Rush Limbaugh’s “Bo Snerdley” (James Golden)
Robert Bork, who is dead
Andy Schlafly
-Citizens United for the Republic
Tea Party Nation
Tea Party Forward
-Ambassadors Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell and Boyden Gray
-Operation Rescue
-Center for Medical Progress founding director Troy Newman
-Conservative Majority PAC
-Constitutional Rights PAC
Swift Boat Vets for Truth founder John O’Neill
Ron Maxwell
Nick Searcy
-Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman

That’s a lot of conservative heroes!

Why has Kay Daly earned the endorsements of so many leaders of the conservative movement?

Let Kay Daly explain:

The Obama Administration and its cronies on the Left are going crazy trying to get perverts to bathe with little girls in public showers and bathrooms, and my family and I are at the center of the storm. HELP! They’re coming for my scalp!

Why? Because I had the courage to say — publicly — that homosexuality is not a Biblical lifestyle, and transgenderism is mental illness that should be treated, not glorified, protected, and enabled.

If an anorexic girl thinks she’s fat, do we endorse her delusions? Of course not. Why would we endorse the delusions of a man who thinks he’s a woman?

I also said that when I am elected to Congress, you will not find sexual deviants working in my office. They say I’m causing liberal brains to hemorrhage all across the country. Well, good for me.

I said we don’t need Bruce Springsteen or Cirque du Soleil or Target or “GayPal” or any other entertainer or corporation that wants to try to blackmail North Carolina into bending over for their radical, Godless, perverted agenda. Who needs ‘em? FIGHT BACK for once, dang it!

Guess what they’re saying about ME now?! The threats are more vicious and the verbal attacks are more vulgar than I ever dreamed even the most depraved human being would be capable of. They are even threatening my three children.

That’s right, we don’t need Bruce Springsteen, Cirque du Soleil, Target or GayPal. Being transgender is *just* like being anorexic.

Nothing gets Kay Daly’s goat more than so-called “Republican leaders” letting themselves be pushed around by Obama and the minions on the left. Kay Daly will fight back for once, dang it!

Let Kay Daly explain:

It has gone way beyond the standard, hackneyed, fever swamp rhetoric that the idiot Left trots out anytime you have a philosophical difference with them: bigot, hater, Jim Crow, blah blah blah, heterophile, homophobe, transphobe, xenophobe, misogynist, segregationist, yada yada yada. I’m now having to consult a street dictionary to know what I’ve been called!

And I don’t care. It’s time to take a stand. I’m sick of our so-called “Republican leaders” letting themselves be pushed around by Obama and the minions of the Left. I won’t be intimidated by imbeciles hurling insults they can’t even spell correctly. And I will never cravenly silence my Christian beliefs out of fear that someone will call me a bigot.

The most disheartening thing isn’t that the Left is using my bold, pro-family, Judeo-Christian views against me: it’s that many of the squishy establishment GOP candidates in the race are trying to use my hard line stance on this issue (and others) to say I am too conservative, or too hard line, or unwilling to negotiate.

Well, on some things, I am indeed unwilling to negotiate. And I’m not ashamed of it. I think we’re in the current mess because Republicans have been afraid to take a stand on these issues for far too long, for fear of being called all of the usual naughty names by all of the usual liberal outlets and pols. If we had more heroes and fewer RINOs representing us in Washington, we wouldn’t always be on defense.

The Obama Administration’s radical LGBTQ agenda was thrust upon us several YEARS ago through an Executive Order, EEOC decisions, and Education Department edicts (long before Justice Department threats began).

But feckless Congressional Republicans REFUSED to exercise their confirmation power, purse power, or impeachment power to stop any of it.

This cowardice among GOP officials affects many issues. To those who say black lives matter, I say ALL lives matter, and that if a thug tries to beat up a cop and take his gun he deserves what he gets, no matter what color he is.

If you infiltrate my country illegally, I am against giving you any governmental benefit at all — no free education for your kids, no free lawyer when you get arrested, no driver license, and most importantly of all — NO AMNESTY.

We need more gutsy, plain-speaking, courageous conservatives in Congress who aren’t afraid to say these kinds of things for fear of being labeled racist, jingoes, bigots, and haters. I firmly believe this.

And, although Kay Daly has received financial support from hundreds of conservatives across the country including Gun Owners of America founder Larry Pratt,North Carolinians for Immigration Reform & Enforcement president James Johnson, philanthropist Foster Friess, Cruz super PAC backer Stan Herzog, and attorney Ed Haden (former Chief Counsel to Senator Jeff Sessions), Kay Daly still needs money.

Let Kay Daly explain.

If you think I’m right, please send relief. If our campaign doesn’t get the cash it needs this week, this congressional seat will not just go away: it will go instead to some squish who votes however he’s told to vote by a gutless leadership that values reelection more than it values this country and our children’s future.

You know it’s true. Please make the most generous contribution you can and do it today.

The race is tight. Kay Daly is right. Go Kay Daly, Go America.