Kay Daly must have eaten a whole bag of lemons because boy, is she sour!

Kay Daly would like you to know that she’s really against women serving in combat, a non-issue that was brought up during the GOP debate Saturday night.

Kay Daly is also against military commanders prioritizing climate change in their operations, because when the U.S. carpet-bombs ISIS into oblivion after Ted Cruz is elected president, it’s important that the military not be environmentally friendly while committing said war crimes.

And generally, Kay Daly is opposed how President Obama has “feminized and homosexualized” the military because, you know, it’s a thing that’s just for straight dudes.

But Kay Daly wouldn’t be Kay Daly if she wasn’t using all of this complaining to attack Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of North Carolina’s Second Congressional District. You see, in Congress, Renee Ellmers supported legislation that would ensure that women are paid the same for doing the same work as men. In Kay Daly’s mind, that bill, the Equal Rights Amendment, would “subject women to a draft, put women in combat, and put boys in girls’ locker rooms.”

Ok, then Kay Daly! But wait, there’s more.

Kay Daly and other non-RINOs “disliked like the Gay Pride/Black Panthers halftime show” at the Super Bowl. Regular people disliked the Panthers Super Bowl showing. But feminists like Renee Ellmers and Nancy Pelosi disliked the Super Bowl commercials!

Actually, the National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws disliked the Super Bowl commercials. But since NARAL is a feminist organization, and noted Panthers fan Renee Ellmers is also a feminist, Renee Ellmers and her pal Nancy Pelosi, duh, also disliked the Super Bowl commercials.

That’s Kay Daly for you. She’s a pro at making sense.