Lifelong conservative activist (but like, New York conservative) and television personality Montel Williams has taken an interest in North Carolina politics recently.

Kay Daly has taken an interest in Montel Williams.

And Montel Williams has taken an interest in Kay Daly.

Here’s Kay Daly:

Now celebrity talk show host Montel Williams has gone ballistic and pledged to spend $100,000.00 of his own personal fortune trying to defeat me because of my Judeo-Christian views.
Montel has called me a “bigot,” a “horrid woman,” “unbelievably moronic,” and my personal favorite: a “wacky tea bagger.”
This is the same “Weirdo Williams” whose most frequent guest on his own show was quack “psychic” and convicted felon Sylvia Browne, who was so “psychic” that she mis-predicted the date of her own death by eleven years! It’s the same Montel who had to apologize for verbally assaulting a 17 year-old newspaper intern and threatening to “blow [her] up.”
Montel’s career has been marked by one disgraceful episode after another, but here’s the “warning” he had the gall to tweet about me:
“A strange, unbalanced, creepy woman has been posing as a serious candidate to use the bathroom with [yo]ur kids.”
You tell me who the creep is.

One hundred thousand dollars? $100,000?!! That’s like, one hundred thousand more dollars than Weirdo Williams needs to spend to defeat wacky tea bagger Kay Daly.

Kay Daly is real pissed that people keeping caving to “the Left”— aka the lavender lobby, aka the P.C. Gaystapo, aka the LGBTQ Mafia—oh, Kay Daly is super-duper pissed!! But American hero Kay Daly will stand up to the Left on these issues like the transgenderrhoids using the bathroom and the homosexuals having employment rights.

Kay Daly is less P.C. than Trump and Kay Daly will reign in this nonsense when she’s in Congress. Oh, and can you believe that nutty psychic mis-predicted her death by eleven years? What a hack!
But only with your help can Kay Daly do Kay Daly. Will you follow, and give money to, Kay Daly?

A few days ago Donald Trump himself threw in the towel on the issue. North Carolina’s own Republican governor has cravenly cowered from the storm by issuing an Executive Order that gives special employment rights to homosexuals and transgenderrhoids.

It means that a REPUBLICAN governor has voluntarily accomplished in a conservative state what we conservatives at the national level have thus far prevented from happening nationwide, by preventing Teddy Kennedy’s “ENDA” bill from becoming law. The Governor did this with a stroke of the pen, and not a single state legislator has had the courage to stand up and take any action to counter it.

Folks, because of cowardice, we are losing this battle. Did you know that your federal government now provides taxpayer financed Medicaid sex change operations (at a cost that can be in excess of $70,000 per surgery)?

Did you know that the Obama Administration has ordered our military to hire these tragically confused transgendered souls? Did you know that your tax dollars will pay for the sex change operation for all active duty personnel?

This is at a time when we are TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!

Just last week a federal court ruled that public schools in Virginia can no longer operate separate-gender locker rooms, and cannot have single-sex restrooms. Because Congressional Republicans refuse to exercise their purse power to rein in the Obama Administration, the Department of Education and EEOC have gotten away with pushing this nonsense on public schools and private businesses.

We borrow money (that our children will have to repay) from the Communist Chinese so that we can pay for sex change operations for mentally ill men, then we let them dress as women and shower with our little girls in public locker rooms.

This is pure insanity, and I promise you I will stand against it no matter what the Left says or does. Apart from the financial concerns, no grown man should be taking showers with my 9 year-old daughter whether he wears a dress or not.

We’re losing this battle to the Communist Chinese who we are borrowing money from in order to pay for American sex change operations for people less mentally sound than Kay Daly. Or something.

But not on the watch of Kay Daly.

Back to Montel:

Here’s what Montel tweeted: “My partners and I are going to start funding your opponent incl[uding] media in #NC13. Another zero just went on my check. What’s another 100 grand to me?”

If Montel and his Hollywood pals spend that kind of money in this election, I am in trouble unless good people like you help me fight back.

I am putting myself on the forefront of this battle for you. I will be the tip of the cultural spear. But without your generous financial support, I will lose, and this seat will go to some subservient RINO who caves faster than our gutless Governor did.

I’ve felt the heat before. I was viciously heckled by vulgar lesbians while addressing the television news cameras about the Obergefell homosexual marriage case from the steps of the Supreme Court building.

They failed to silence me then, and they will fail now if I can secure the financial support our campaign needs to spread the word.

Please help me send Montel and the entire LGBTQ Mafia a strong message. Slip on over to my website and leave some financial appreciation for the courage I show. Leave an investment in your country’s future. It will be well spent.

Kay Daly was viciously heckled by vulgar lesbians. Please throw some money at ya girl, Kay Daly.