The saga of the “party barn” arrives at another pivotal moment next month.

The Orange County Board of Adjustment has set October 10 as the date to hear an appeal from the neighbors of Kara and Chris Brewer. The Brewers, under an LLC known as Southeast Property Group, are in the midst of constructing a forty-two-hundred-square-foot barn/events space on twenty-two acres of property they purchased in Bingham Township last year.

Neighbors—concerned about an intrusion of traffic, parking, and noise in their serene section of the county—have filed an appeal of the Orange County planning department’s decision to issue the Brewers a permit for construction. They argue the county erred by not requiring the Brewers to obtain zoning approval from the county before issuing the permit. The Brewers say their USDA-issued farm ID number means they don’t need to get county zoning approval. (The Brewers originally attempted to get zoning approval from the county, but when the BOA denied it, they stated that they didn’t need it anyway, due to their farm number.)

The appeal will be heard Monday, October 10, at 7:30 p.m., in the lower level of the West Campus office building (131 West Margaret Lane) in Hillsborough. Should be an interesting one.