Yesterday, former governor Pat McCrory—who is likely not residing in the Execution Mansion right now because he signed HB 2—went on a Family Research Council podcast with known crazy person Tony Perkins to talk about HB 2’s repeal and replacement with HB 142. And wouldn’t you know it? McCrory, the guy who made bathroom birth certificates the hill he chose to die on, thought that it was just rad how Governor Cooper and the liberals got played.

You can listen to the whole thing above. But if you don’t feel the need to torture yourself, here are some of the juicier highlights:

  • “The good news is this, the HRC lost the battle. With their resources and power and money, and they’re trying to get some other corporations to help support them in the battle that they’ve lost—the usual players out in California. The fact of the matter is, they did not get a full repeal of HB 2.”
  • “I’m even watching CNN on the screen right now, and they’re misleading the public about what HB 2 actually did, and that’s what the current governor is going to try to do, too, is put a spin on this as though this is a victory, when even the far left knows this is not a victory for them. And I think they’re letting the current governor know this, and they put him in office.”

  • “You can’t satisfy the extreme left. You can’t do it, they’ll never be satisfied. They’re raising money off this issue. And the current governor got elected on this issue, many say, and raised millions of dollars on this issue. But, he will find out that he cannot satisfy them. So, they’re protesting—the same protesters that protested me are now protesting the current governor.”

They certainly are.