Usually, Pat McCrory’s official Twitter account is reserved for fluff like this:

On Saturday, though, it got weird. The governor, embroiled in what’s likely to be a tight race with Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper and dogged by allegations of crony capitalism over state prison contracts, used his Twitter feed to complain.

Naturally, the Twittersphere, a bastion of independent, intelligent thought, well-written screeds and non-profanity-laced tirades, responded.


And this:

And, yes, a little hostility.

Politics NC’s Thomas Mills took the opportunity to lampoon the governor’s Twitter complaints Monday. “He managed to use ‘me’ or ‘I’ three times in a single 120 character tweet, so he’s clearly more focused on himself than anything else,” Mills wrote.

Indeed, Twitter can be a treacherous place for politicians when they venture outside of discussing the 12-0 Carolina Panthers.