On tonight’s MSNBC coverage of the Republican National Convention, Chris Matthews and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty had this discussion:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think that this is settling in well, this decision by the candidate, by Sen. McCain, to select someone so unknown to the country? Is it working, as you see it?

GOV. PAWLENTY: Well I think, Chris, there’s always an introduction period where the public and the press is gonna ask, Who is this person? What’s her background? Do they have any things that are worthy of coming out in the discussion? That’s what’s taking place, it’s part of the natural process. But the things that have been raised against Gov. Palin, I think are ridiculous. Are you gonna hold her responsiblenot you, but is the media gonna really hold her responsible for her 17-year-old juvenile daughter? It just seems like that’s unfair and out of bounds. [emphasis mine]

Oh, my bad. I thought parents were supposed to be responsible for their “17-year-old juvenile” children.

Follow-up question should have been: What else shouldn’t we hold Gov. Palin responsible for?