Beginning Nov. 2, statewide college campuses will host two weeks of Latin American films. The festival theme is Sept. 11, but not the date of two years ago. Instead, the festival notes the 30 years that have elapsed since the CIA sponsored the overthrow of Chile’s democratically elected Socialist president Salvador Allende on Sept. 11, 1973.

Several contemporary Chilean features will be presented, including La Frontera (The Borderland), which concerns a man who’s sentenced to exile. The beautiful game gets a nod in Historias de Futbol (Soccer Stories) and, on Nov. 3, UC-Santa Cruz prof Veronica Feliu will introduce El Chacotero Sentimental (The Sentimental Teaser).

Peter Kornbluh from the National Security Archive discusses the American connection to the coup before introducing El Caso de Pinochet; while Chilean filmmaker Ignacio Aguero presents Cien Ninos Esperando un Tren (One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train) and Aqui se Construye (Under Construction). Also, Colombian artist Diego Garcia appears on behalf of his expatriate drama Las Castanuelas de Notre Dame (The Castanets of Notre Dame). Local filmmakers will also screen original works, including Guest Worker and Heavier Than Air.

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