Five local poets join forces to “support our troops” and “defy our leader” when Poets Against the Shrub liberates some pent-up politics at Temple Ball, Thursday, Oct. 16. Among the performers are Wake Forest University English professor Evie Shockley (pictured right), Fayetteville, N.C. Quaker House Director Chuck Fager, local poet and musician shirlette ammons, poet, musician and artist Doug Stuber, and Carrboro Poet Laureate Patrick Herron. Herron, who is also the organizer of the event, says the inspiration behind the performance came from a desire to “let people hear poetry that may reflect the discontent many artists feel with the mad pace at which the Bush Administration is evaporating human lives, civil rights, and tax dollars–all for their personal gain.” He hopes to raise money for groups who “work to protect the rights of all citizens to vote,” as well as give locals a chance to “raise our voices, shake our fists, call some jerks some nasty names, and even laugh together.” Mock “Dumya.” Hear good poetry. Support a cause. 8 pm. for more info. $5.