Someone call the Doctor (John, that is). A Boston baked bean with perpetually whacky hair, equally kooky stage antics and G. Love’s knee-jerk cadence decided he’d be clever and throw Louis Prima, Soul Coughing, The Rebirth Brass Band, a big ass bottle of booze and a teaspoon of Medeski, Martin & Wood in a steaming cauldron of face-flattening, dance-friendly music he and his best friends like to call Spooky Daly Pride . The resulting brew–one of the most emphatically and exuberantly stated live sets you will ever see–is a potent cocktail guaranteed to put a ska-sized grin on your sweaty face. White trash vocals, obvious hooks, crazy horns and quirky percussion…”Hop on for the ride/We’re eating marshmallow pie!” For more information, visit