For the liberals out there: Rachel Maddow—the oh-so-sharp host of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show”—has heard your cries.

On Thursday’s show, Maddow panned the ominously-numbered Senate Bill 666, a measure that—for all intents and purposes—appears geared to curb North Carolina’s college vote. In case you don’t remember, college students made up a key demographic in North Carolina’s Democratic election victories of 2008.

The Maddow gem from Thursday’s broadcast?

“Do yourself a favor and go set your Google news alert to North Carolina Republicans. They have completely unchecked power right now, and their ideas about how to use that power are, as the political scientists say, rather amazeballs.”

For people who don’t know what “amazeballs” means, it’s a trendy way of saying something is amazing.

The legislation, filed last week by eastern North Carolina Republican Bill Cook, strips tax deductions from parents of college students who choose to vote where they go to school. The measure also requires voters to register in the same county where their vehicles are registered, another shot at college students who retain vehicle registration in their home counties.

Watch Maddow’s comments here:

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