When it rains in Russia these days, it worries local musician Armand Lencheck. For the past six years, Lenchek has helped resolve problems like the current one–a leaky roof–at the Russian-based Kamensk Uralski Baby Home, where Lenchek adopted his son, Aaron Alexander, in 1998.

Each year Lencheck has given back with an annual concert, enlisting the help of fellow musicians. Backing him up this year at an outdoor concert May 1 in Southern Village are guitarist Will McFarlane, former member of Bonnie Raitt’s band and Muscle Shoals session man; former Ministers of Sinister and current Mighty Man bassist Calvin Johnson; and the Mighty Man himself, Russ Wilson, of Russ and the Mighty Men on drums. Singing back up are the Bluesolojettes–Janet McFarland, Will’s wife, Kathy Emrick and Becky Lenchek, last heard from as a vocalist with 5 Guys Named Moe. And on horns are the Spoonful of Nomads–Mike Peel, Christina Thompson and Nomad Matt Cook.

Also on the bill is singer Bo Lozoff, guitarist Bo Lankenow (who Lenchek describes as “a wild guy like Michael Hedges, who plays acoustic guitar with weird tunings and weird strings all over.”), and Lenchek student Andy Law.

The show runs from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, May 1. It’s free with food provided by The Flying Burrito, but expect to dig a little for the kids. “The event is free,” Lenchek says, “but we need your money now, because the roof is leaking.”

For more information visit www.mapsadopt.org.