We’re not sure how far OTB consumer advocacy website NerdWallet had to go to find a 3,163-square-foot house in Raleigh for $351,588—Fuquay? Garner? Johnston County?— but apparently the City of Oaks is the nation’s ninth most affordable large metro in the country, according to this list.

“Unlike other analyses that simply measure income against home prices and basic recurring costs, NerdWallet’s report takes more comprehensive, real-world factors into account,” wrote Sara Collins, a Senior Communications Analyst for the company in an email to the INDY. “We analyzed metrics like taxes, debt and savings to determine how large of a house an average family in each metro could comfortably afford.”

Here’s what the report says about Raleigh:

“Named as one of 2014’s best places for STEM graduates, the Raleigh metro area not only has a great job market, it also has affordable home prices. The higher family income here offsets the $111 price per square foot, the highest in our top 10.”

Read more about the methodology the San Francisco-based company used for this report here and try out their home affordability tool.

And then consult with someone local.