The Crabtree Jones House was built in 1809, for the prominent Wake County and state politician, Nathaniel “Crabtree” Jones, and the Jones family continued to live in the house until 1973, when it was sold off for development.

Formerly located on Wake Forest Road, the home was threatened with demolition in 2012. Preservation North Carolina acquired the Crabtree Jones House, and a plot of land on a Hillmer Drive hill near the North Hills shopping center, from an anonymous donor. The house was moved onto that property in Crabtree Heights in February of 2014; the Jones family cemetery is located on a plot of land nearby.

The sales price on the 3,448 square-foot house had been set at $299,000; estimated costs of renovation were between $400,000-$500,000.

The house is probably Raleigh’s oldest home still in residential use, according to Preservation N.C.