From Stockholm today came the announcement that this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics would be awarded to Paul Krugman.

Best known to the general public as the fervently liberal Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, Krugman is also a Princeton economist whose work on global trade patterns garnered him the prize. The Times quotes him in its report, and Krugman seems a little, dare we say, blasé:

“It’s been an extremely weird day, but weird in a positive way,” Mr. Krugman said in an interview on his way to a Washington meeting for the Group of 30, an international body from the public and private sectors that discusses international economics. He said he was mostly “preoccupied with the hassles” of trying to make all his scheduled meetings on Monday and answer a constantly ringing cellphone.

Krugman came through the Triangle a year ago on tour for his book The Conscience of a Liberal. Bob Geary interviewed him and freelancer Thad Williamson wrote a mixed review of the book.