According to CBS reporter Omar Villafranca
, staff at the Executive Mansion committed a truly egregious error in violation of North Carolina state law during a press conference on Monday.

“I asked to use the restroom,” says a visibly emotional and shaken Villafranca. “They directed me to the only restroom that was made available to the press. It was the ladies’ room.”

This, of course, is in clear violation of HB 2, which states that in government buildings – which the Executive Mansion is – you can only use the bathroom of your “biological sex.” North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Dave Miranda added in the press release that circulated the video that “Governor McCrory isn’t even following the law that he’s risking our entire economy over.”

“That’s a little twist,” responded a CBS This Morning anchor. A twist indeed. Won’t someone think of the children?

(h/t Colin Campbell)