The Rev. Lynice Williams was, as her friend Pete McDowell says, “a great activist and a wonderful person.” She was recognized as a Citizen Award winner by the Indy in 1993, before our stories were digitized (hence, there’s no link for it), and she continued to work for civil and human rights until shortly before her death.

The Rev. Lynice Williams
  • Christian Faith Baptist Church
  • The Rev. Lynice Williams

Her special passion, as head of N.C. Fair Share for its first 24 years, was health care as a human right. She took great satisfaction at the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, viewing it as a huge step forward — but not the final one — on the path to universal health care in this country.

N.C. Fair Share, started in 1987, was a part of many progressive coalitions over the years, including being a founding member of Democracy South, forerunner to current progressive watchdog Democracy North Carolina. The Rev. Williams served as a board member of the N.C. Council of Churches, was a co-founder of the N.C. Environmental Justice Network, and was a leader in many other organizations advocating for the rights of the underprivileged and for political and campaign finance reforms..

Her church, Christian Faith Baptist Church in Raleigh, has established a website in her memory and for friends and family to offer their reminiscences.

It says in part:

Rev. Lynice Williams was a champion. She believed deeply and fought passionately for health care as she knew it to be a human right. She had deep love for our community. She insisted that those impacted by the problem be at the table to craft the solution. She was gracious and loving. She always had a smile to offer and a kind word of encouragement. The movement for justice and liberation and human rights has lost one of its Generals. She will be missed.


According to the website, services will be held on Saturday, March 17, at the church. The viewing will begin at 11 am and the funeral services will start at noon. Christian Faith Baptist Church is located at 509 Hilltop Drive.