Right wingers in the state legislature are grandstanding over a bill that would offer comprehensive sex education to students across the state. Under the bill, every school district would offer parents a choice between the old abstinence-only track and a track that emphasizes abstinence but also teaches medical facts about preventing pregnancy and STDs.

In a WUNC news report this morning, Rep. Ruth Samuelson (R-Mecklenberg) told reporter Laura Leslie that she objects to language in the bill that specifies a comprehensive program would teach ‘respect for marriage and committed relationships,” because she believes it’s too broadly worded.

This is gonna require that we teach that gay couples are the same as heterosexual married couples, or that polygamy is the same because it’s equally as not legal in North Carolina, but an alternative committed relationship.

There is nothing in the bill about same-sex relationships. And to assert that this bill would require school districts to teach an acceptance of polygamy isn’t just absurd, it’s a lie.

I encourage everyone to read the text of the bill itself. It’s H88, and its Senate companion is S221. You’ll see that the radical agenda of comprehensive sex ed includes teaching kids how to identify and report sexual assault, as well as how to avoid alcohol and drug abuse.

(See Leslie’s blog post for more details.)