Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird…whoa, wait, it’s a guy painted blue. He’s wearing a cape, so it’s not those annoying Blue Man Group guys. And he’s singing like some head-banging superhero, rocking for the good guys, with a heavy metal scream that pierces the thickest soundproofed walls with ease. Oh, of course, it’s the Torch Marauder! Local rock dude Dave Bjorkback frequently morphs into the Torch when he’s not playing drums for Razzle or working on other projects. The new Torch Marauder CD on Durham label Pox World Empire, Boxers, Painters and Snappers, is coming out, and the celebration looks like quite a hefty night of music with The Sames, Shark Quest, Roxotica and Audubon Park.

Among the Marauder’s skewed rock numbers, there may also be skits and adventures with the other bands. TM will have a large, full band, as well, for maximum effect, and there may be an appearance by the Marauder’s arch-nemesis, the Torched Conquistador. Don’t miss this. For more information, visit catscradle.com